Frequently Asked Questions
What should I wear?
Most of us are pretty casual, You will be welcomed regardless of what you wear.

Where can I park?
Street parking is available. On Sundays, you can park on either side of Lafayette or Elmwood, without worrying about the meter.

What time are your services?
10am, every Sunday.

I’m not a member, can I still come?
Of course!

What if I’m not a Christian?
Still welcome!

What if I’m LGBTQ*?
Still welcome!

Jesus loves poor people, and so do we!

Just try not to throw up. Everyone is welcome here, really.

Does that make you a “liberal” church?
We don’t really fit into categories so well. If welcoming people makes us “Liberal,” then I guess we are liberal. If focusing on Jesus makes us “Conservative,” then we are conservative. Some of the people that worship here would describe themselves with each of those terms, but we don’t let those terms divide us. We value our different perspectives.

Do you have special programming for kids?
Yes. Bring them with you to worship. After about 15 minutes with everybody together, kids go with our staff  ( background checked) to a “kids church.” Kids don’t HAVE to go to this. They can stay with you, or you can go with them, whichever way you prefer. We usually have a group of younger (preK-2nd grade) and older (3rd-5th grade) kids.

What if my kid makes noise during church?
It’s ok. We don’t mind noise.

I heard that sermons are interactive at your church. Is that true?
A lot of the time, yes. But don’t worry. We never make anybody talk. You can watch until you feel comfortable.

Does that mean I don’t have to sing, either?
We won’t pressure you to do anything you don’t want to do.

I need help with food/shelter/bills etc. Can you help me?
Yes, although you should know that we don’t hand out cash. We can, however, put you in contact with a number of helpful agencies.