Sunday Morning Worship

Sunday morning is a great time to meet the people of Lafayette. We gather at 10am to worship, pray, and explore scripture together.

We tend to follow traditional patterns, but in an informal way. Some people wear ties, but other people dress casually. We do our best to make our worship accessible to anyone who has never gone to church before. If you decide to come, it won’t be hard to understand what’s happening. You will be invited to participate, but you can also just watch if you want.

There is a monthly rhythm to our worship, too. We normally celebrate the Lord’s Supper on the first Sunday of the month. New members are received and people are baptized on the second Sundays of the month. On the third Sunday, we often have prayers for wholeness.

If you have kids, please feel free to bring them to worship. We have a special program for them (led by people who have been trained and checked, of course!), or they can stay with you.

This gathering might feel like home for you if you like to hear the pipe organ, responsive prayers, and other practices that feel “Presbyterian.” ¬†You will find people of every age, from young children to senior citizens.