“We enjoy the ministry that takes the bible seriously and cares for the poor.”

Members of Lafayette Church, Buffalo, NY.

While some parents would prefer to isolate their kids from poor, homeless, or sick people, we are a part of Lafayette because we want our kids to engage with them.

The Bible is really clear about God’s love for poor people, for excluded people, for sick people.  The people of Lafayette have not only heard that message, they act on it.

Poverty is not an ‘issue’ at Lafayette Church.  Rather, the poor are our brothers and sisters.  That’s the way I see faith lived out in the Bible, and that’s the faith I want to model for my kids.

One thing that I appreciate about Lafayette Church is the way we read the Bible.  We take it seriously–even the parts that are hard sometimes.  That means that we welcome the “alien and the stranger,” and love our neighbors as ourselves.

Scripture is important here, but nobody gets to hold their interpretation of it over another person’s.  Instead, we wrestle with the texts together, and often learn from one another.

Some people take the scriptures very literally.  Others are highly skeptical.  When we read them together, we learn in way that isn’t possible in isolation.