We love you the way you are, but we might not leave you that way.”

Photo taken at Lafayette Church, Buffalo, NY.

What we like about Lafayette Church is how it is simultaneously challenging and accepting.

People get loved and welcomed here–regardless of how they are when we meet them.  We’ve seen a warm welcome extended to each and every person here.  It doesn’t matter how you dress, what your race or orientation is, or if you know how to “act in church.”  You will be welcomed here.

However, our welcome doesn’t make us an  “I’m ok, you’re ok” community.  All of us are challenged to grow and change as disciples of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes this change is pleasant (My wife and I got married at Lafayette Church), sometimes it is not (I’ve learned, during my time with Lafayette Church, that I have multiple myeloma, a form of cancer.)

While change isn’t easy, the best way to accomplish it is with a team of supportive people.  We’ve found that in Lafayette Church.